Blu Kids Smart Toothbrush and APP (Blue)

BLU Toothbrush

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The Smartest Kid Toothbrush Ever, An app-enabled electric sonic toothbrush that gets kids to love brushing and learn great habits for life!

  • Parental Notifications: Parents receive an email or text immediately showing where kids missed brushing and how long they brushed
  • BLU Brush Coach: With our guided brushing coach, your kids will learn to brush according to dentist recommendations
  • Visual Aids help kids and parents see areas missed while brushing. 
  • Share results with your dentist
  •  Never miss a spot and brush according to dentist recommendations. Create healthy habits with BLU Brushing Coach.
  • Cavity tracker for each tooth

Stop brush time fights with BluKIDS where kids get excited to brush the blue areas off their teeth in real time on the mobile enabled BluAPP.

BluAPP notifies you when they brush and the accuracy of their brushing EVERY TIME, even when the sitter is there!

Connects with your pediatric dentist on your child’s brushing habits making them more accountable for their own health.

BLU electric smart toothbrush combines the forces of ultrasonic technology and sonic bristle motion. BLU ultrasonic toothbrush precisely engineered bristles create bubbles that are powerfully activated by up to 40,000 strokes per minute of ultrasonic energy channeled through the BLU brush head. As these bubbles expand and contract, they dynamically penetrate hard-to-reach areas to gently remove biofilm plaque bacteria.

BLU – A safe, yet powerful cleaning combination of ultrasonic-activated pulsating bubbles and sonic bristle contact for a gentler, deeper, longer-lasting clean.

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