How to Set-Up Your BLU Toothbrush

Let’s Get Started

You finally bought the amazing BLU Toothbrush to revolutionize your conventional brushing habits. Now you must be looking for some help to get started. Like any hi-tech electronic toothbrush, the BLU toothbrush guarantees proactive oral hygiene. However, what makes it unique is that it is fun and convenient to use for both adults and kids. Introducing a quick and effective way to brush your teeth will encourage you and your family to start taking care of oral hygiene.
Our fabulous toothbrushes eliminate up to 100% more plaque biofilm than manual toothbrushes. The brush's revolutionary design makes it easy to clean hard to reach areas for removing stubborn stains.
Let’s find out how to set up your new BLU toothbrush.
Fortunately, setting up your new BLU toothbrush is quick and easy. All you have to do is download the app and set up your toothbrush or pair multiple brushes for embracing a smarter way to smile longer and happier.
First, you must start by charging the brush with our USB compatible charger. Make sure you charge every new brush for at least eight hours to guarantee a full battery. Once charged, it will be good to go for at least a month, delivering two brushings a day.

Set-Up in the App Store

After charging your brush, go to the app store and look for ‘BLU Toothbrush’ for downloading the app. Choose the way you would like to sign-in from the following options.
  •         Facebook
  •         Email
  •         Apple

Connect Your Brush

After you log in, go to ‘settings’ and select ‘device management.’ Now choose ‘pair device’ for pairing with nearby toothbrushes. If you want to pair more than one device, click on the toothbrush you would like to pair with and make that brush your ‘main brush.’

Connect with Your Kids

The best part about the groundbreaking BLU toothbrush is that parents no longer have to scream ‘Time for Brushing’ ten times a day or near bedtime. You no longer have to smell your children’s unbrushed mouth and teeth to check if they skipped brushing. That’s why buying our special BLU toothbrushes for the whole family makes a lot of sense. When you connect your kids’ BLU toothbrushes with your brush, you can keep track of their brushing routine.

Go to the main page and choose ‘connect with your kids’ for viewing all brushes. Choose the brushes you like to connect with and name them for convenience.

Get Brushing!

Once you set up all toothbrushes successfully, you can boost your kids’ brushing performance through the amazing BluApp. It allows the kids to brush the blue areas off their teeth in real-time on the mobile app. You can also connect with your pediatric dentist and monitor your child’s brushing habits through the app’s intuitive features. Here is how to do it.

Keep your phone with you when brushing. Go to the app and press the ‘brush’ button on the main page. If your account has more than one user, click ‘you.’ The app will tell which locations you should brush in during each brushing session. Whenever any of your children are using it, you will receive a notification that they completed a brushing session. You can correct your child’s brushing habits by clicking this feature. The app also allows you to go back to any missed areas and confirm that you flossed. In addition to that, the BLU Toothbrush features timer signals for moving to your next cleaning section after every 30 seconds.

Past Brushing Habits

The best part about the entire smart experience is that you can keep a log of your past brushings for up to 45 days. Whenever you want to check any logs, click on ‘today’ to view a calendar and view brushing details for that day. You can also view the frequency, past brushing stats, duration, and average coverage from the ‘statistics’ option.

Let Us Know If We Can Help!

The hi-tech BLU toothbrush is a smart oral hygiene solution for people of all ages. Invest in this great toothbrush that also serves as an excellent kid's electric toothbrush. You can create healthy habits with BLU coach and prevent the onset of any periodontal disease and cavities. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us, and we will be happy to assist you.

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