A fun and interactive brushing experience that gets kids excited about brushing!

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BLÜ Special Features

Blu Bristles fade to white when brush head

Slim neck design for easy access to back of mouth.

Timer signals every 30 seconds to move to next cleaning section.

5 Modes for a tailored brushing experience based on the personalized settings you and your dental professional select.

Advanced new handle ergonomically designed for comfort.

Rechargeable battery lasts for up to a month of use coupled with the travel convenience of wireless charging base.

Stop brush time fights with BluKIDS where kids get excited to brush the blue areas off their teeth in real time on the mobile enabled BluAPP®.

BluAPP® notifies you when they brush and the accuracy of their brushing EVERY TIME, even when the sitter is there!

Connects with your pediatric dentist on your child’s brushing habits making them more accountable for their own health.

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How The BLÜ App® Works

The BluLIVE Track allows you to brush away the blue from your teeth in real time and takes you back to any missed spots, taking the guesswork out of brushing and ensuring 100% coverage every time.

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BluCOACH suggests brushing modes based on history and brushing habits

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BluSPOT allows you to mark your problem areas in the app and communicate trouble spots with your dental care professional through BluPORTAL

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