Blu Family Bundle Save 10% when you purchase two or more brushes

Receive a 15% Discount All while giving 20% of your purchase right back to Best Buddies Tampa. 

Giving independence back to individuals with developmental disabilities, BLU toothbrushes are built with independence in mind. With live advanced dental tracking, BLU encourages proper brushing techniques while gathering brushing data for caregivers.BLU puts the power of independent dental care without constant monitoring back to those who may need some assistance. 

Some of our special features include: 

  • Smart brushing timer
  • 5 Brushing modes 
  • Brushes for even the tiniest mouths

Our BLU companion app tracks brushing duration, accuracy, and frequency all while providing push and email notifications to caregivers and parents alike. Aside from the convenience of knowing your loved one brushed you can also maintain and send dental records and notifications to your dentists right from our app making access to oral care professionals easier than ever. 

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