BLÜ Portal Features

See Your patients brushing overview featuring brushed surface, Flossed brushing, Brushing Frequency and brushing duration

View Periodontal Disease Notes from the patient

View the history of the entire family using Blu

BLÜ Toothbrush Features

Blu Bristles fade to white when brush head

Slim neck design for easy access to back of mouth.

Timer signals every 30 seconds to move to next cleaning section.

5 Modes for a tailored brushing experience based on the personalized settings you and your dental professional select.

Advanced new handle ergonomically designed for comfort.

Rechargeable battery lasts for up to a month of use coupled with the travel convenience of wireless charging base.

Stop brush time fights with BluKIDS where kids get excited to brush the blue areas off their teeth in real time on the mobile enabled BluAPP®.

BluAPP® notifies you when they brush and the accuracy of their brushing EVERY TIME, even when the sitter is there!

Connects with your pediatric dentist on your child’s brushing habits making them more accountable for their own health.

What Dentists And Hygiensts Are Saying

“My patients Home Care Compliance improved dramatically” - Cindy M. R.D.H.

“This is A Breakthrough in Dental Hygiene Care” - Diana L. R.D.H.

“BLU Smart Toothbrush keeps patients connected to our practice and helped increase our patient retention rate.” - Dr. Havens

“BLU Kids Toothbrush keeps kids interested in brushing, and parents love the instant notifications with a brushing score and a visual diagram of the spots kids missed.” - Dr. Leser

Going BLÜ Is Easy


Sign up to become a BLUPartner for FREE Online. Dentists, Hygienists and Assistants are Welcomed.


Try the brush at a deep professional discount.If you don’t like it, we will give you your money back, no questions asked.


Patients purchase BLU subscription packages directly from your partner page or dental practice and you receive share of revenue.


Create personalized brushing plans for their lifestyle and problem areas all through the BLUPortal on their next visit.