BLU Smart Toothbrush and APP (White Rose)

BLU Toothbrush

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An app-enabled electric sonic toothbrush that helps you get a more accurate cleaning with every use!

• Never miss a spot and brush according to dentist recommendations

• Create healthy habits with BLU coach

. Periodontal disease and cavity tracker for each tooth

• Brushing and flossing results shared with your dentist and dental hygienist

. Five customizable brushing modes including whitening and sensitive 


BLU Smart electric toothbrush and App is the most high-tech electric sonic toothbrush on the market, created by dental professionals to give you a fresh out of the hygienist chair squeaky clean feeling after every brushing.

Easily sweep away plaque and deep clean your teeth. BLU intelligent interactive app helps adults and children brush smarter, allows parents to monitor kids brushing and puts the power of the dentist in your pocket.


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