Putting an End to the Constant Battle Against Brushing

A tale as old as time… Despite all your efforts, for one reason or another your child does not enjoy brushing their teeth. 

Hygiene of any kind can be a point of contention for new parents and parents of young children alike. Brushing teeth, in particular, requires in-person supervision, which takes time from other equally important household activities for family.

It can be difficult for parents to establish and reinforce a good hygiene routine for their children. Parents have become experts at creatively finding new ways to engage their children with these practices. These tactics might involve: making up songs, setting up reward charts, offering gifts, and so on. 

The objective of these methods is to incentivize our children to establish a routine, and teach effective brushing techniques.  However, we are simply creating distractions, rather than building proper habits. In order to implement long-lasting oral hygiene habits effectively, we must focus on education.  Once our children understand the value of proper dental care, and the consequences that may result from neglecting their home care routine, they will naturally feel rewarded in this experience.

After many failed attempts of methods to keep the kids engaged and educated, we found BLÜ. 

BLÜ KIDS Toothbrush takes brushing from feeling like a chore, to being an enriching experience that children will recognize as a stamp of their independence.  The brush interactively guides users through their brushing routine, and maintains records of each use, while alleviating the battle for parents.

I bet you’re wondering how it works. Well, it’s easy. 

BLÜ KIDS, and BLÜ Toothbrush for adults, both work in tandem with the app of the same name. They connect using Bluetooth technology, used to detect the brush’s movements as it travels through your mouth. The app tracks your progress from blue to white—or dirty to clean— in real time! Kids will find this feature not only helpful, as it guides them through the proper techniques, but also gratifying. Seeing a digital model of their clean mouth at the end of the brushing session serves as a symbolic badge of a job well done. 

What’s best is that you do not need to be physically present to monitor the progress. Parents will receive immediate notifications from BLÜ anywhere they are. By sharing results—the good ones and the not so good ones—you will be able to see the areas missed during the session and even restart the process. 

You can add multiple users to the app and track them individually. You can also share results with other users, like friends and even dental care professionals. Through our Dental Portal, dentists and hygienists will be able to add home care instructions. Wait until your kids find out that maybe, just maybe, there could be less visits to the dentist’s office. 

Additionally, it is worth noting that both BLÜ KIDS and BLÜ Toothbrush come with five brush modes (Clean, White, Sensitive, Soft, and Polish) that cater to the user’s various and very specific cleaning needs. 

Clean for Clinical Grade Brushing Experience 

White Removes Surface Stains 

Sensitive Gentle Teeth and Gum Cleaning 

Soft Gently Massages Gums 

Polish Dental Polishing, Whiten the Teeth 

With BLÜ, we successfully found a way to implement proper oral care habits in our children that can be introduced in their early developmental years.  As a result, they will have an oral care routine that stays with them throughout their lives.

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